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Working Womens Jewellery

The modern career woman is expected to dress corporate or tailored suits the befits their position. It is especially true for workplaces that observes a conservative dress code. She is supposed to exude authority and mean business as she enters the boardroom or meets with clients. For a career woman, first impression matters. It is why they must dress to impress. And this includes wearing of womens jewellery.

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Discreet but Feminine

Business clothes make career women look stern, serious and professional. Many may think that corporate dressing is boring. The colours are limited to black, navy or beige. A corporate suit may be mandatory, but no one has ever prohibited wearing discreet and feminine pieces of jewellery to soften the effect. In a corporate setting, slight freedom of expression is allowed. So you must stay subtle with your jewellery choices. Hook and dangling earrings, though whimsical can be too distracting and frivolous for work. It can jiggle and sway during a serious presentation and steal the attention of your audience.

Bangles and long necklaces can also have the same distracting effect. So, it is best to be more discreet and classy when it comes to dressing and accessorizing in the corporate setting. Choose dainty chains and name bracelets or a dress watch to add something feminine to your overall look.

You may personalize your outfit with the right accessories that will enhance your professional image even more. Choose stud or clip earrings with simple cuts of gemstones. Save those dangling, chandeliers and drop earrings for after office hours. You may also wear a brooch. It is a versatile piece of jewellery that you can wear anywhere, but for office setups, best to wear it on the lapel of your jacket. Keep in mind that everything has to be chosen with care, class and elegance when it comes to jewellery for the corporate women.

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    • September Birthstone Set
    • £ 44.00
      The Birthstone Set is comprised of 3 stainless steel items which are encrusted with the Garnet Swarovski Crystal. Each set come boxed and includes: 1 pair of stud earrings, 1 adjustable size ring, 1 necklace and 1 best wishes card. This item comes is presented to the delivery address in a beautiful gift box.
    • Infinite Love Necklace in Rose Gold
    • £ 44.00
      The Infinity Love Necklace comes in 925 Silver. It symbolizes endless and promising love which will surely make a perfect gift for the one and only. This  Sterling Silver 925 item comes in a variety of plating options such as Silver Rhodium Plating, Gold Plating or Rose Gold Plating and presented to the delivery address in a beautiful gift box. A complementary chain is included with the item.