Gold Personalised Necklace

Necklaces have enjoyed special privileges in any jewellery line. They come in various lengths and thickness. They can be adorned with stones, and one can use pendants that match their personality with their necklace. Gold name necklace is a piece of exceptional jewellery that has the name of the person wearing it or of someone important.

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Type of Personalised Name Necklace Gold

These types of necklaces have been popularized in different moments in history. Some celebrities have worn this timeless piece of jewellery. Sarah Jessica Parker, Emma Watson, Rihanna, Madonna and Paris Hilton are some of the stars who proudly wore name necklaces. This jewellery style has been popular ever since the eighties, and up to the present, people love it even more.

You can customise your own Gold Name Necklace

In today’s contemporary world, you have the option to find elegant, quirky and tech-savvy means of customizing a name necklace. This jewellery can be crafted from different materials. You can choose from yellow or white gold, sterling silver or bronze. There are also “gold plated” necklaces if you have a limited budget. Some of the popular designs for name necklaces include hand-stamped necklaces, tag necklace, birthstone necklace, monogram necklace and others. There is a wide array of choices when it comes to materials or designs that you can apply for your necklace. You can have your name or your special someone’s name engraved or stamped into a pendant or have it specially crafted as part of the jewellery.

Be Unique with a Name Necklace Gold

Wearing a name necklace is like a celebration of a person’s uniqueness and individuality. Receiving a name necklace means that you are unique to the one who is giving it. It is why it is a very hot gift option for any occasion. It is a timeless gift that one can give to his or her mother, daughter, sister, best friend and partner.

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    • Children's Personalised Name Necklace in Gold boxed
    • £ 29.00
      A handmade dainty children's Personalised 'Name' Necklace in Silver 925. This  Sterling Silver 925 item comes in a variety of plating options such as Silver Rhodium Plating, Gold Plating or Rose Gold Plating and presented to the delivery address in a beautiful gift box. Necklace is £29 up to 5 letters. £2.50 charge for each additional letter. A complementary chain is included with the item.
    • 56835706 10157076330829920 3212416618629955584 N
    • £ 81.00
      What better way to say “Thank you” to the person that is always there for us than this lovely “Mum” Pendant made from 18 Karat Gold. A gift that will last for a lifetime. This 18ct gold item comes in White Gold, Yellow Gold and Rose Gold Chain is NOT included with the item.
    • Personalised Name Pendant-gold
    • £ 90.00
      A handmade pendant made from solid 18kt gold. This 18ct gold item, can be ordered in White gold, Rose Gold or Yellow Gold Pendent is £90 up to 3 letters. £22.50 charge for each additional letter. Chain is NOT included with the item.