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Gemstones in Your Jewellery and What They Mean

If you’re fond of customised jewellery, adding gemstones is one of the best options you have in creating unique items.You can add the standout pieces to your collection or give them as personalised gifts. Definitely, knowing the meaning behind each gemstone may help you pick the right one for your ensemble.

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Garnet is said to be the gemstone of nobility, and because of its earthy tone, it is also associated with the healing and nurturing power of the earth.


Amethyst is linked to cleansing and protection. As a charm, it is believed to protect its wearer from clouded judgement and bad decisions.


Aquamarine is said to bestow upon its wearer good health, clarity of the mind, and courage in difficult situations.


Pure, everlasting love is the perennial meaning given to diamond, but in Indian culture, it is also associated with spiritual illumination.


Emerald is associated with abundance and linked to such emotions as love and compassion.


Pearl, with its iridescent colour, is associated with purity and innocence. And since it is taken from the ocean, it is said to represent healing and self-care.


Because of ruby’s deep red colour, it is linked to courage and passion, and is believed to lend to its wearer a strong life force.


Peridot is said to bring its wearer good health and attract positive energy because of its bright colour.


Sapphire represents the fidelity, discipline, and inner vision. It is also a prominent gem in the British crowns.


Opal is a gem for self-confidence, hope, and unlimited possibilities.


Topaz is ideal for meditation as it is associated with peaceful, serene emotions.


Turquoise is associated with the wholeness and the truth and is used in some cultures as an amulet of protection.

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    • 3 Initials Cufflinks - Silver
    • £ 80.00
      These Sterling 925 Silver Cufflinks are made with 3 Initials and are the perfect personalised gift for him. This  Sterling Silver 925 item comes in a variety of plating options such as Silver Rhodium Plating, Gold Plating or Rose Gold Plating and presented to the delivery address in a beautiful gift box.
    • September Birthstone Set
    • £ 44.00
      The Birthstone Set is comprised of 3 stainless steel items which are encrusted with the Garnet Swarovski Crystal. Each set come boxed and includes: 1 pair of stud earrings, 1 adjustable size ring, 1 necklace and 1 best wishes card. This item comes is presented to the delivery address in a beautiful gift box.