Personalised Gifts for him

Functional Personalised Jewellery Items for Him

Generally, men are not as particular as women when it comes to accessories. While women have all kinds of considerations when picking items such as jewellery, men are more straightforward. Some men do enjoy flamboyant designs once in a while, but most usually wear jewellery for its style and functionality. If you’re looking for a practical but stylish piece of jewellery for that awesome man in your life, here are some great ideas.

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Bar Bracelets

Bar bracelets are a big fad today. And it’s not only women that’s going crazy over them, because even men almost everywhere wear bar bracelets. What makes bar bracelets so special? Perhaps one major factor why men like wearing a bar bracelet is because of its subtle design. They can discreetly wear it with a coat or a long-sleeved shirt. Another is the unique feature where a special message from a loved one or a phrase for personal motivation can be written on the bracelet itself. A special reminder that everything is under control.


Cufflinks are traditionally used for men’s semiformal or formal outfit. They are alternatives to the usual buttons sewn into the cuffs, but are removable. Aside from their functionality, cufflinks can also add style and personality to the entire outfit. And like other types of jewellery, they can be personalised. Out of the many personalised gifts for him, monogrammed cufflinks are one of the most special. Tie Clips Next to cufflinks, a tie clip is another essential clothing accessory in a man’s formal ensemble. It ensures that the tie is fastened to the shirt so it doesn’t twist or go out of place, for a sleek, professional appearance. You can get tie clips in sterling silver, champagne gold, or rose gold. And for a personal touch, you can also add his initials, or even a tiny little message at the back of the clip to remind him just how special he is.

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