Personalised Bracelets for her

Way back in ancient times, people used jewellery as a way to show their wealth, decorate themselves, and as a form of communication. At present, people have similar reasons for choosing to wear a piece of jewellery.  In most cases, they opt for intricate metal chains as they think it is attractive. Others do so because they see it from the people they idolize. In terms of symbols, we can observe that brand logos have replaced stamps of premodern artisans. But still, individuals wear bracelets to express what is important to them. With the use of beads, tags, gemstones, or messages that are engraved on these bracelets, they can communicate what is valuable to them.

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What to Look for in A Bracelet

Check Your Wrist Size

If you opt for chunky and bold bracelets or prefer delicate and sleek string bracelets, there are some things to take into consideration. Before you consider your style and taste, determine the type of bracelet that would look great on your arm, hand, and wrist. Getting a bracelet that matches your wrist is not just about if it fits around the wrist. The width of its brand, as well as the size of embellishments and beads, and weight should matter. You may opt for personalised bracelets for women that will complement your looks; thus you must give attention to your bone structure. Doing so will help you know whether you need one that narrow or wide, extravagant or simple, delicate or solid. You can utilize these bracelets to camouflage or accentuate your wrist.

Know your Wrist Size

Wrap your index finger and thumb around your opposite wrist. Then, if you can still touch your forefinger and thumb together with some space, it means you are small-boned. But if they touch, you are medium boned. And if they do not meet, you are large boned. It is also essential to consider the bones outside your wrists. Are they not very noticeable or prominent? Do you have slender or long fingers? Your answer to these questions will serve as your guide in choosing the right bracelet.

Guiding Principles

You can make your wrist appear proportional to the rest of your body frame by choosing a size that matches the size of your wrist. For example, a chunky and wide bracelet is perfect for large and well-padded wrists, and delicate and small ones are for narrow wrists. On the other hand, so that your wrist will appear larger or smaller, opt for a size of a bracelet that is opposite to the size of your wrist. If you have small wrists, use large bracelets. If you have large wrists, use small bracelets. To make the wrists closer or balanced to the typical size, opt for a bracelet that would neither highlight through contrast nor emphasize through sameness. So, you can use a medium-sized bracelet for different wrist sizes. If you are a woman who has large wrists and the goal is to make them smaller, keep these things in mind.


Use a medium width bangle in cord, stone, metal, or leather material. Use it alone of you can stack them up. But over three can get distracting.


Anything wide, cuff-style, chunky, and bold will make your wrist appear bigger. A silver charm wire, narrow open bangle, or a metal gold chain on your wrist would seem like a small river that is snaking across your arm. Personalised bracelets for women that are large and round beaded, such as those from prayer beads, mala beads, and spiritual collections might be okay if the size of the beads is small to medium only.

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    • Rebecca
    • £ 28.00
      The perfect handmade gift for your Mum on that special occasion. This item comes in a variety of plating options such as Natural Sterling 925 Silver Rhodium Plating, Gold Plating or Rose Gold Plating and presented to the delivery address in a beautiful gift box.
    • Personalised Name Bracelet in Gold
    • £ 29.00
      A handmade Personalised Name Bracelet in Silver 925, with adjustable length. This  Sterling Silver 925 item comes in a variety of plating options such as Silver Rhodium Plating, Gold Plating or Rose Gold Plating and presented to the delivery address in a beautiful gift box. Bracelet is £29 up to 5 letters. £2.50 charge for each additional letter.