Personalised Bracelets for Mum: Gift Ideas

Every mum is special, and we always want the best for our mum. Whether it’s for food, for dress, or for any gift that we will give to them, we want it to be as special as her like personalised bracelets for mum. But sometimes, we will get troubled with finding the right gift for her. While some think that their mum does not need anything, some want to give it all as much as possible. But you can let go of all the worries because we found jewellery styles that will fit every mum’s personality under the sun. Whether your mum is classic, hip, sporty, or DIY, we got you covered by these personalised jewellery ideas. 

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For a Mum Who Loves Sports

A mother who loves to do some sports like basketball, tennis, or volleyball will need jewellery that can go with all the physical activities that she has every day. Since workout clothes, sneakers, and water bottles are on her list, surprise her with something unexpected like a bracelet that is personally made for her passion. Give her a bracelet that comes with a lucky charm or symbol of her favorite sports. If your mum loves to play tennis, give her a charm that represents the said sport like a tennis racket or the name of her favorite tennis player. You will love to see her wearing this jewellery gift all the time.

For a Mum Who Loves to Stay On-Style

Some mums don’t want to get out of style, no matter how old they are. If you see your mum consistently browsing some magazines like Vogue, she is looking for some inspiration for her next fashion statement, and the thing that you can do is to support her.  Find some of the latest fashion with jewellery because that is the last thing that will cross her mind when she goes shopping for her next OOTD or outfit-of-the-day. Surprise her with a personalised bracelet that will showcase her love for hip fashion. As much as possible, add some modern and chic look with the bracelet, and she will love it even more.  

For a Mum Who Loves DIY

  Do-it-yourself is very common for a mother. You may find her sewing Halloween costumes, making handmade curtains, and creating some fun ‘craftivities’ for her children. Sometimes, DIY mum loves to make her jewellery, too. Her resourcefulness is unlimited, and we got to give her some credits for this.   A DIYer mum will fall in love with any set of crafts that she can use for her favorite past-time activity, whether it is a gift in making DIY bracelets or necklaces or something that will challenge her creativity for her next project.  

For a Mum Who Loves the Classic

  Maybe, your mum is an epitome of grace and elegance wherever she goes, and that is something that everyone can admire, especially you. She loved Audrey Hepburn since Audrey represents her personality. For your mum, a gift of jewellery is a smart choice.   You can choose between personalised bracelets for mum or a simple necklace that she can wear wherever she will go. There are other jewellery ideas that you can find anywhere, and sometimes, you don’t have to spend much to get the right gift for your mother.   Whether it’s your mum’s birthday, it’s Mother’s Day, or any other special occasion, you will never go wrong with getting a piece of jewellery that will last long and will showcase the love, affection, and gratitude that you have for your mum. The woman who brought you out to this world deserves nothing but the best, so give her the most special gift for your mother.

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    • Rebecca
    • £ 28.00
      The perfect handmade gift for your Mum on that special occasion. This item comes in a variety of plating options such as Natural Sterling 925 Silver Rhodium Plating, Gold Plating or Rose Gold Plating and presented to the delivery address in a beautiful gift box.
    • Personalised Name Bracelet in Gold
    • £ 29.00
      A handmade Personalised Name Bracelet in Silver 925, with adjustable length. This  Sterling Silver 925 item comes in a variety of plating options such as Silver Rhodium Plating, Gold Plating or Rose Gold Plating and presented to the delivery address in a beautiful gift box. Bracelet is £29 up to 5 letters. £2.50 charge for each additional letter.