Personalised Bracelets for Baby

Bracelets are very popular for men and women. Even after years, this jewellery never lost its popularity, and it continues to become one of the most favoured gifts for any occasion.    Recently, personalised bracelets for babies are getting popular. People who give bracelets as a gift for young children symbolises the importance and generosity of the giver. Occasions like Christening, birthdays, or holidays deserve this kind of beautiful present for a baby.   Infant bracelets are available in different types, and to determine which one suits the baby will depend on you.

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The Different Types of Baby Bracelets


1. Gold Baby Bracelets

  You will never go wrong with gold, even for a baby. Since this is a classic material, gold bracelets will not only look good to the baby, but parents will be very thankful for the present.    Gold bracelets are available with gold, white gold. rose gold and yellow gold, and any of these are a perfect starting point for infant bracelets. Most infants don’t get allergic to gold material, and it will not tarnish or face easily. Whenever a rose gold requires cleaning, taking it to any jeweller can help you with its thorough restoration. While infants outgrow a bracelet quickly, proper care and maintenance of the jewellery can make it last longer and can be passed down to the next generation.  

2. Silver Infant Bracelets

  The value of silver bracelets is similar to the gold ones, and it is unlikely to create an allergic reaction in an infant. When you choose to have a silver bracelet as a gift, you can have it as plain metal or add some accessories or designs that can boost its beauty. You’ll find a lot of styles as well. They can be different from the designs, shapes, and closures, which makes every silver bracelet unique.   

3. Wooden Infant Bracelets

  For those givers who are thinking of environment-friendly and personalised bracelets for babies, a wooden bracelet is a perfect choice. Just like metallic bracelets, you can engrave the baby’s name or other special messages in a wooden bracelet, and this commonly costs less depending on the wood’s type. You can also choose to have a light, medium, or dark tones while considering the complexion of the baby who will receive the present. Most parents find wooden bracelets unique because no trees are identical to each other. It can turn out a more sentimental gift compared to the other choices that you have.  

4. Flowered Infant Bracelets

  Now is the perfect time to give a flowered bracelet for an infant. You will never go wrong with a flower pattern, especially for a baby girl. Any mom will love the idea of this bracelet, and she will appreciate someone who can give this as a present for her child. Different styles are available for this kind of bracelet such as flowered engravings, charms, and beads. The available colours and combinations are also endless so that you can enjoy yourself in choosing the loveliest flowered infant bracelet.   

5. Beaded Infant Bracelets

  Among the most popular types of bracelets is a beaded one. If you are planning to give this gift to your friend’s baby, you might have some hard time choosing the best materials for a beaded bracelet. But you should not focus on this one because this bracelet will look gorgeous to any baby since it can easily adapt or fit with any wrist size. Just be sure to give the mother some heads up that a beaded bracelet must be removed during bath time and avoid prolonged water contact so the baby can wear its beauty longer.   Bracelets for infants come with many styles and materials. Choosing which one to go will depend on your expectations and your preference for beauty.

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    • Children's Personalised Name Bracelet in Silver
    • £ 26.00
      Children's Personalised Name Bracelet. This  Sterling Silver 925 item comes in a variety of plating options such as Silver Rhodium Plating, Gold Plating or Rose Gold Plating and presented to the delivery address in a beautiful gift box. Bracelet is £26 up to 5 letters. £2.50 charge for each additional letter.