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Baby Name Necklace: Choosing Gold or Silver

Wearing your baby’s name by your heart is one of the oldest traditions cherished by parents all over the world. Name necklaces in the UK made from silver and gold are quite common. It is adorned with the child’s birthstone, and they become one of the family’s heirlooms which are gifted from one generation to the next. Giving this kind of necklace to a new mother is a thoughtful expression of how we honor and appreciate their sacrifice. If you are convinced that this is the gift you want to give, you should decide whether to provide a silver or gold necklace.

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As Pure as Silver

Silver identifies with the clarity and pureness of the moon. It evokes strength and simplicity. Choosing silver reflects the unwavering love of mothers to her family and children. Silver necklaces that carry the baby’s name will be handcrafted and personalized to give a unique and one-of-a-kind treasure. Adding birthstones like diamonds, emeralds, pearls, and others gives it an appealing quality. In some instances, the pendants are designed in a delightful heart shape and accented with a fresh-water pearl.

Passionate Gold

Choosing gold for a necklace will give a mother that sunny and bright purpose. There are gold necklaces with 24k hammered chain that represent the perfection of the family. A pendant accented with precious birthstone and inscribed with the baby’s will complete this passionate piece of art. Ideally, each birth can be celebrated by adding charms with the birthstone and delicate inscription of the baby’s name. Gold necklaces come in various chain shapes and sizes. There is even a mix of gold and silver chains for that unique and exquisite look.

So whether you choose silver or gold, the tradition of personalising and gifting mothers baby name necklaces remains to be a loving and thoughtful gesture. It is a beautiful way to celebrate the bond between a mother and child.

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